Molecular BORQ

mBORQ (molecular-BORQ) is a suite of software for Molecular Biology.

mBORQ main features are targetted for processing DNA, proteins and amino acids sequence. Version 1.1 features are summarised below:

  1. Compression/Decompression. 2bit ,4bit, 5bit, 6bit code
  2. Reverse Complement, Translation
  3. Sequence Grep(Search and Tandem Repetition)
  4. Nucleotide Counting
  5. Grid Compatible Distributed Processing

mBORQ 1.1 currently runs only on CRAY UNICOS operating system, residing on the CRAY super computers. Customer must purchase CRAY bioinformatics library (BioLib Release 1.0) separately from CRAY.

GNU/LINUX version is still under development.

For more information, or request for quotation, please send email to

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