iCollect Server User Guide
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The iCollect server release version 0.3.11 connects simultaneously to up four physiological monitors using RS232.

Special Care
1. Always ensure proper shutdown of the iCollect server.

2. If server is not switched off properly, it will take a long time to start up. This is because the server will do a harddisk consistency scanning after an improper shutdown. Lost of data is a possibility.

3. If using with UPS, make sure that the UPS is fully charged and always ensure that the power cable to UPS is switched on.

4. Shutdown sequence can be activated from the iCollect panel. Select shutdown button and click on "yes" to confirm.
Connecting Equipments

  1. Port 0: Datex-Ohmeda
  2. Port 1: LaserFlo BPM2
  3. Port 2: Codman Neurotrend™
  4. Port 3: Not connected (Reserved for LICOX®)

Please ensure that the properly labled RS232 cables are used. Each physiological monitors requires a different type of RS232 cables. Check the labels on the RS232 cables. All ports are 9 pin connectors. Looking from behind the server, the following picture is a guide to location of the ports: Rear Port Setup of iCollect Server
Checking Data Collection
Events' name are translated to directory name under the "data" directory. Spaces in name will be replaced by the underscore character "_".

Example, for the data collected by the event "Tan Ah Kow", go to the data storage directory by using the command
"cd ~/data/Tan_Ah_Kow".

Ensure that the raw data files size are growing using the command "ll"

The files names are
  1. CS3BIN for Datex-Ohmeda raw output
  2. LFLOTXT for LaserFlo BPM2 output (Continuous data output mode, 9600bps)
  3. NTRENDTXT for Codman Neurotrend output (Continuous data output mode, 9600bps)
Merging Data
The merging algorithm is based on timestamped on collection. Different physiological monitor's time need not be synchronised.

Click on the merge option, under the data panel, and wait for processing to complete. This may take a long time ( afew minutes for 5 days worth of data)
Downloading Data From iCollect Server
The iCollect server data harddisk is shared out as a Microsoft SMB file server.

1. Connect the iCollect server to the network
2. Switch on the iCollect server
3. From the Windows XP or Windows 2000/NT PC, connect to the server name, either using the shortcut from the desktop or look under the network neighbourhood "WORKGROUP". Default installation use the server name "m3"
4. Login with strongserid "collect" and password as required when logging in for the first time
5. Open the "data" directory and copy out the necessary folders or events if required
stage1.csv ( Datex-Ohemda, Codman NeurotrendTM)
stage2.csv ( stage1 + LaserFlo
stage3.csv ( stage2 + nurse comments, injection/medication events)

How to compressed the data?

After the data is on the PC harddisk, right click on the folder and look for the winzip options on your PC. Select the option with name of zip file equals to foldername.zip. Five days collection, approx 110 Mb of data can be compressed to a 10Mb file.

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