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    Date: Nov 13 2003
    BME 2000 Notev> Dear fellow classmates,

    These are the notes from Prof Udantha R. Abeyratne's biomedical signal processing class. Hope you find these useful, however, i cannot vouch for the "security" of these files as i spend most of my life on Unix system. These are just direct copies from the Edventure website for those who has siilbox/access/passwd etc problems. If you need other modules notes for downloading, someone must pass them to me first:-P
    Date: April 18 2002
    M6523 Biomedical Signal Processing

    1. Course Outline
    2. Origins of Biopotentials
    3. Z-Transform
    4. Essential Probability Theory
    5. Discreet Time Signals and Z-transform Theory

      1. SGH-1, EEG Introduction
      2. SGH-1, EEG Normal
      3. SGH-1, EEG NonEpileptic

        1. Adaptive Signal Processing Part-1
        2. Adaptive Signal Processing Part-2
        3. Analog to Digital Conversion and the DTFT

          1. Tutorial -1 (Compressed Archive)
          2. Tutorial -2 (Not complete yet on Edventure)
          3. Tutorial -2 Data
          4. Filter Design (VERY BAD SCANS)
          5. aichen's sound file: the 200MB files are no longer available

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